To our investor we guarantee:

effective technical, economic and maintenance solutions


attention to the safety and quality of the construction works and of the building


on-time completion

construction works compliant with all environmental requirements

Our company appeals both to experienced, motivated specialists as well as young practitioners of the construction craft


Due to the valuable ties we maintain with our partners, we can offer optimisation of all technical and technological processes – value engineering

Solutions that last for years is our essential principle - value for money



Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles serve as signposts. They show what values inspire how we act at HOCHTIEF – in our daily work, internally and externally. The Principles express shared convictions in our corporate culture and support our focus on achievement.

We believe in excellence and set ourselves high standards. Our five key Principles play a fundamental role in achieving this excellence: Combining our strengths means a difference for HOCHTIEF.


Our offer

We have specialized in the complex execution of construction buildings in many segments:

Office buildings

Within past five years, we built:​


Office complex Proximo
in Warsaw (1st stage)

The Brama Portowa I office building in Szczecin

Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja office building in Warsaw


  • 7 buildings
  • with a total area of ca. 263,347 square metres

Residential investments


Residental complex MOKO
(1st stage) in Warsaw

The JK51 residential complex
in Warsaw (1st stage)

The Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów residential complex (House in the Three Ponds Valley) in Katowice (2nd stage)


  • 20 buildings

  • with a total area of ca. 312,210 square metres

  • with 2 253 appartments

  • with a usable area of ca. 176,200 square metres

Industrial buildings and facilities


Industrial plant for assembling electric motors of the Sopem company (1st stage)
in Niepolomice

Production facility of VOSS Automotive Polska in Nowa Wies Legnicka

Volkswagen paint shop
in Wrzesnia


  • 23 buildings

  • with a total area of ca. 318,900 square metres

Public objects


Sala Ziemi (literally, the Earth Hall) - Modernization of the
C level of MTP exhibition hall No.15 in Poznan


Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk

Expansion of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts
in Wroclaw


  • 6 buildings

  • with a total area of ca. 106,750 square metres

Commercial and entertainment facilities


Supersam shopping center
in Katowice

Shopping center Marcredo Center Kutno


Castorama shopping center
in Oswiecim


  • 6 buildings

  • with a total area of ca. 122,660 square metres

Infrastructure solutions



Extension of Wroclaw Airport


Modernization of the Zone 1 of the Terminal A of the Chopin Airport
in Warsaw

Extension of Poznan-Lawica Airport


  • 9 buildings

  • with a total area of ca. 146,060 square metres

Construction works for the power industry and for the waste to energy segment


Construction works for the power industry segment and for the waste to energy


Construction works within realisation of a new 460 MW unit of the CCGT project in Wloclawek




  • 2 buildings

  • with a total area of ca. 31,419 square metres